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The Ordinary - Champagne taste on a beer budget

So....lets talk about The Ordinary.   I first heard about this brand last year from the fabulous Wayne Goss, via his Youtube channel.  He was really quite enthusiastic about it, which struck me as kind of cool, so I set out to gather more information before deciding if I would try some of these products out.

As it turns out, this wasn't difficult - there's been a huge amount of buzz all over the internet about the brand, and it's not hard to see why.  The products are completely transparent in what they're for, are full of proven active ingredients and the price point is spectacularly low.  I'm on quite a tight budget, so the price point is kind of a big deal to me ;)

I started small, picking up the Matrixyl 10% + HA and the Lactic 10% + HA 2%.  I found these in-store at Myer and paid the princely sum of $33 odd for both.  I had my fingers crossed that these would work well for me and they certainly haven't disappointed.

Since dipping my toes in with these two…

It's been a while since I blogged.....

that may be an impressively large understatement ;) Despite my best intentions, it has literally been years since I blogged. To be fair, I have been active on Instagram, however, I do really enjoy the blog format. There's so much more room to be wordy and cumbersome :P I haven't quite decided where I'm going to go with this, I've always tended to fly by the seat of my pants a little, and just write about whatever I'm finding particularly fun or intriguing at any given time. Currently, I'm into all things beauty, especially skincare (moderately obsessed with K beauty); fitness (self confessed gym junkie!); making art (I'm all about drawing currently, but I can feel painting calling my name) and making yarn (I grow and spin my own cotton). I also love baking, op shopping and hanging out with my little family. So, let's just go with eclectic, huh? So I guess that's me, reintroducing myself..Hi :) How are you?

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