One Drawing a Day - the school holiday series

Earlier this year, I arted along with 'One Drawing a Day', it's a great book of daily drawing prompts, which you can find out more about here.  Well, even though I completed the book some time ago, I've continued with my daily drawing (which is really the whole point ;)  ).  

Anyway, it's school holidays here at present, so I decided to do my daily drawing with a twist - my darling children are taking turns choosing both my subject *and* medium for the day.  The choices - and results - have been both predictable and somewhat surprising! (I don't know how that's actually possible, nevertheless it's true).   The children have thrown themselves into this game with great gusto and I've found it both challenging and refreshing to meet the briefs of my little dictators :P  

Here are our first four days:  

Day 1 - (Little J) - Dino-rex in gouache (have you ever heard a 4 year old say gouache?  It's adorable.)

Day 2 - (Miss Lily) - A Rose in coloured pencils (*only* coloured pencils...this was made very clear)
Day 3 - (Miss B) - A portrait (of her, of course :P ) in gouache, with a 'loose' feel, rather than tight details  (the girl knows what she likes!)
Day 4 - (Little J) - A dino-rex (see what I mean about predictable?) in markers (well, he said felt pens, but same-same).  He was thrilled that I chose to draw him a 'dack-till'.


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