Alice down the rabbit hole....

is how best to describe the time between my last post and this one.  You know your muse....the one that is sometimes very vocal and other times appears to have gone on an extended holiday?   Well....mine had been *very* quiet for quite some time....I'd even begun to wonder if she'd left me.  Apparently the answer to that particular question would be a resounding *no*.

I saw a post about 'The Mermaid Circus' by this lovely lady  and it triggered....something.  Something strange and wonderful.  My muse didn't appear with a little cough and polite tap on the shoulder....oh no.  It was more of a *running full speed at me hollering 'oh my god howthehellhaveyoubeen' and dropkicking me to the chest* kind of return.  The kind of creative drive that means you have no choice *but* to draw, paint, make.  Being unable to sleep, because of all the ideas that are trying to make their way out of you, onto paper, fabric, yarn....

So, I've been creating.  If it's an art supply, I've probably been playing with it.  Painting, drawing, sewing.....I'm pretty sure I'm going to be hitting the spinning wheel soon too :P  But my all consuming drive at present is art journalling.  It's such a *free* form of artistic right, no wrong - just letting it all pour out.  I'd highly recommend it :P's a little peek at some of what I've been doing...


  1. All divine Mandy, just gorgeous, glad Alice found you

  2. Thanks Lesley :) It's been a wild and crazy ride :P

  3. so lovely to see your art come to life after such a dormant time!

  4. Thanks Courtney! I'm pretty darn pleased, that's for sure.


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