An early Autumn garden

Is absolutely gorgeous, when you live here.  Still balmy, yet without that intense humidity that summer holds, for those in the subtropics.  I've been lavishing some much needed attention on my gardens in the last few weeks, and they have repaid me very well indeed. After weeks of relentless rain, my roses, which have been languishing for quite some time, have really put on a show.  An added bonus - I finally discovered what *that tree* is - for the first time in the four years we've been here, my Golden Penda is in full bloom - the Rainbow Lorikeets love it!  Apparently these trees have non-invasive roots (phew!), can grow to 20 odd metres in the wild (they're a rainforest species, native to Australia), but generally grow to a maximum of 10 metres in cultivation.  Looks like we'll have quite a lovely shade tree, in a couple of years time :)


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