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My health and fitness journey...a story with pictures

I've never really posted all that much about my personal journey of the last couple of years.  I've been meaning for a while now to actually *lay it down*, so to speak.  So, here goes.

Where to start?  I guess, I'll start with the arrival of my fourth child, baby J, in July 2009.  I didn't gain much more weight than I had with Miss Lily, three years earlier, but I discovered that the weight wasn't just 'falling off' this time around.  Could be that I was a bit older, or just a lack of exercise, or eating crappy food....probably all three.
So anyway, I wasn't terribly concerned, being in the newborn daze that I'm sure all parents remember well ;)  As time went on, I noticed that my weight was creeping up, and I was always feeling exhausted, sluggish and just....meh.    I believe I reached my heaviest point in my life, even *including* pregnancy, in August 2010. I refused to weigh myself (lol), but I suspect the number would have been in the high 60…