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Raggy quilt for Miss N

There was a very big birthday in the family recently.  My eldest daughter, Miss N, turned 18!  Yep, nothing makes you feel like an oldie, quite so much, as knowing that you have an *adult* child.  Anyway, moving right along.  I decided to make her a quilt at the last minute, as you do....turns out, the ragging process on a raggy quilt takes a while :S  Who would have thunk it?  It was a bit of a race to get it finished, but she seems to like it, so it's all good ;)

Conversations with Big J

Big J (hugging me tightly and being sweet) - Why do you still drive me so crazy?

Me (all innocent eyes) - I guess I must be *really* annoying.....
Big J - in that case, I want to be really annoyed for the rest of my life....
Challenge accepted :P

The best of the best....Christmas photos

I recently posted an album of *outtakes* to my Facebook page, kind of a visual representation of what happens when you attempt to get three children to all look at you, with at least semi-normal expressions, so that you can take a cutesy picture to put on your family Christmas cards.  Here are some of my very favourite pictures from that session....some might even make it to print ;)