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Conversations with Miss B

Miss B, my teen-at-home, can be a little....quirky.  *No* idea where she gets it from.  So, one of her interesting quirks is an abiding love for snakes, yet an intense fear of magpies (go figure!?).  What's a parent to do, but stir her up at every opportunity.  Our recent conversation went something like this...

Me: Hey, did you see the freaky crow/magpie hybrid on the front deck, eating the cat food? 
Miss B:  Whaaatt???? OMG, are you serious??
Me:  Why don't you go and take a look?  It's not a crow or a magpie....I think I'll call it a cragpie.
Miss B: (tiptoes over to door and peeks out)  Arghhhh!!!  What the hell is that!!!
Me: (giggling hysterically) I told's a cragpie.
A couple of days later....
Miss B:  Mum, they're not cragpies.  They're another kind of bird....curra....something.  But they're not magpie hybrids (sighs in relief).  
So, Miss B isn't worried about giant magpie/crow hybrids smashing the door in and eating her.  And we…