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Mother is the name for god, on the lips and hearts of all children - Eric Draven

In keeping with the day, I've made this quilt block to represent May, a start of something.......big.  Maybe. I'll see where the vision takes me :)

Games Jackson plays

Take one feather doona and quilt cover, add a playful toddler boy and this is what you get...

and just because I feel like it, here's a somewhat dodgy self-portrait utilising a mirror :P

For the kiddies

What do you get if you take some blank paper, a 'reference' picture (lol), acrylic paints, a trusty pencil and me?  Some excited and hovering children, and a Dr Seuss themed painting for their room :P  Whipped this up using the kids Ikea easel, on some of that Ikea butchers paper, in an afternoon and evening.  They seem impressed, though it's probably just a matter of time until little J destroys it!

Some snippets

Image was thrown into the naughty corner for a while, but I frogged most of it and am having another go...
I'm spinning cotton..that I grew in the garden, from seed.  Spinning from the boll is wonderful.
 The portrait of my grandfather....completed at last.
 Lily's bed, with her mummy-made, insanity inspiring *all knit materials* quilt.
Jackson's crazy making *also all knit materials* quilt (easier than the previous one though, being MM fleece backed rather than cuddlefleece lol).

And that is it, for now.

Fendi and Chanel

I had a *great* op shopping trip a couple of weeks ago, with my 'big' girl, Miss N.  She was cursing me at every turn, with me grabbing amazing finds the second we'd walk into the stores.  In the one trip I found -   a reasonably current (and apparently never used) Tupperware colander (the double one that locks together), a brand new Lorna Jane top (with the built in support), brand new Colorado leather bag (tags still on it), a vintage Fendi bag and a vintage Chanel scarf.  *None* of these items cost more than $5 each.  Now, as with all designer items, there are plenty of knock-offs out there, but I suspect that the Fendi is probably real.  Which is awesome, of course :P  The Chanel scarf, I also think may be real.  Here is why....

The Fendi has a *lot* of wear - it's clearly quite old.....yet is still in remarkably sturdy condition.  All of the hardware has the logo/name engraved, it's spelled correctly, even font and not crooked.
 As you can see, there's a …

Cross Country

Today was a busy, but fun day.  The usual primary school run for Miss L, then at lunch time I packed up little J and my trusty camera, so that we could ferry Miss B to the district cross country carnival.  She isn't 100% at the moment, having come down with the dreaded flu that we've all had this past week, but still wanted to represent her school, so off we went.  She ran well, with a little sprint for the finish against a rival school at the end, which was very entertaining :P  No placing, (there was some very fierce competition) but a good time was had by all :)

Little J kept himself entertained, with snacks and a train.....

As a footnote, is it really strange that I would have loved to be out there running too???