In my garden this month

It's actually a great month in the garden, here in the 'sort-of' subtropics.  I say sort of, because we do actually get a little colder here than what I would consider 'strictly' subtropical - runs of below zero early morning temps in mid-winter aren't uncommon.  So anyway, April in Blackstone - it's not too hot, not too cold, not too rainy or windy, nor too dry.  Sounds kind of bland....but actually, it's quite lovely.  I've been getting some gardening done in fits and starts, nowhere near enough to have my garden looking 'neat', but enough that the plants are outcompeting the weeds.....for now ;) So, onto the pics.
tarragon and lavender
A wee lizard, sunbaking on the mulch

A crucifix? orchid
Crepuscule...amazing, disease resistant rambling rose
Pretty sure this one is Just Joey
Central garden bed, from upstairs
Queen Elizabeth (I think)
Red Pierre de Ronsard
The Sookie monster


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