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A new focus

Yep, I've been a slack blogger again, blah blah, slap on the wrist :P Anyway, I've been a little sidetracked - but not by crafty goodness this time. I've been cheating on my crafting.....with the gym. And the treadmill. Oh yes, I'm really getting around. It's been a long time (years in fact) since I last had a gym membership, but now that I've returned, I can remember just why I used to love it so much :) I've been having a fantastic time, and am feeling so much fitter and healthier. I'm even doing the C25k program (squeezing that time in on the treadmill *very* early in the morning). That's not to say that I haven't been doing any crafting - there has been some dyeing action, in preparation for my first ever 'production line' kind of crafting. I've cheated a little and have dyed up a few different colours, so my items won't be *identical*, just similar. Thankfully, I won't be the one deciding who gets what (hehehe…