Some more of what I've been up to :P

Just some pictures of what I've been working on's before 6am on a Sunday, (thanks kiddies!), pictures are somewhat easier than stringing words together when tired :P


  1. Hi Mandy,

    loving the paintings.

    Thanks for entering my softie giveaway, there were some very creative suggestions and since I knew a few of the contestants I had the Mister decide on the winner. He chose Mr Jessiah from Isis Made. She has a lovely blog if you fancy checking it out.

    See you soon :)

  2. Thanks Bec :) Oh cool, you drew your comp :) Congrats to the winner - a very cool prize!

  3. Ohh I love that! So are you using watercolours or acrylics?

  4. I've actually dyed a large piece of linen/cotton blend fabric, then painted with acrylic, mixed with textile medium :) The fine details have been put in with fabric pen. It was done as a commission for a friend, to be used either as wall art of to cover a lamp.


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