Been a-dyeing

Just some pictures of the dyeing fun I've been having! There's some procion dyeing and also some wool dyeing ( hands!). I know I've sworn not to dye wool, but these natural coloured wool interlock pants were in a bag of clothes gifted to me, so I had to 'pimp them' before gifting them to someone else....I mean come on! Natural colour wool.......the temptation was just too great :P And yes - I wore incredibly thick gloves while working with them......but still have slightly raw hands to show for it...sigh.


  1. *grin* it was a relatively successful experiment in dye painting - now to get some supplies so I can experiment with procion!

  2. They are awesome Mandy -can I get you to make me some :D

  3. Some dyed yarn? Sure :) Wool interlock pants....probably not :P

  4. Gorgeous. Have you ever tried dying wool with food colouring? A friend of mine does it with op-shop balls of wool and they look great.

  5. I sure have Bec - in fact, the pants are dyed with food colouring ;) Though my food colouring exploits are limited now, due to a contact allergy to wool :)


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