Happy birthday Bri!

Wow, has it ever been a long time between posts! I haven't exactly been idle, but between Christmas, school holidays and a very nasty bout of illness for poor little Jackson, I've been, quite frankly, stretched a little thin. Hence, the blogging absence ;) I'm feeling the return of some crafting mojo though - woot! I've been playing with my new drum carder, spinning up some squishy soft alpaca, preparing to experience the joy that is sewing pettiskirts and also getting ready to make some new bags :) I've been playing with crochet and doing some piecing on Jack jack's quilt. Oh - lets not forget cake decorating.......very impromptu, I have absolutely no instructions or decorating utensils, cake needs to be done by this afternoon kind of decorating. It was......surprisingly fun. The birthday girl (11 today!) adores Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, so I found a picture of the cute little alien, baked a couple of chocolate cakes and....winged it. It's chocolate cake with buttercream icing, coloured with food colouring (lol) and decorated with some sprinkles and smarties. Simple but effective, I think. She knew immediately what the cake was meant to be, so I figure it's close enough *giggle*
And a recent photo of baby Jackson, now almost 7 months old (omg!) and racing around the house, pulling himself up on everything in sight :)


  1. So nice to see you back Mandy. I was just thinking about you this morning too. I was using the wetbag you gave me. I'm envious of your drum carder. And yes it is hard to believe that your little man is 7 months already! We've also had a new addition to our family, little Heather.

  2. *grin* glad you're still using the wetbag! I saved and saved to get my drum carder - she's beautiful,an Inwood-Smith, so Australian made too. Your little Heather is adorable! Congrats :)


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