Works in progress....

Yep, there's a few ...well, maybe more than a few :P

Brianna's quilt is nearly completed - just the binding to do on this one.Then there's my SSP, and I'm rapidly running out of time to finish it.....eep!

a couple of nappies to applique, spinning to be done, fleece to process, knitting waiting in the wings......if only there were more hours in the day!

I've also begun harvesting sweet pea and hippeastrum seeds from the garden ....there's heaps - plenty to keep and give to friends :P

The little man is now 4 months old....a lovely, chubby fellow he is too!

And then.... there's the bathroom renovation in progress. Oh yes - we're doing the bathroom. It's a very big job, I can tell you ;) Here's some work in progress pics.

And that's it, for now. More later. You can go now. No, really. :P


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