The long road home....

here it is :) This bag was pulled straight from childhood memories of living in the country, where we had what seemed like the longest driveway in the world. I have vivid recollections of making my way up that impossibly long driveway at dusk, after a full afternoon of playing, the sound of crickets and birdsong in the air. This one is a project bag, lined in cotton duck, with a couple of internal pockets and two different shoulder straps - one knitted in organic cotton, the other matching the cotton inner and fastened with snaps. The outer is hand dyed cotton/linen blend, embellished with a combination of cotton and wool material. I was sorely tempted to keep this one for myself, but alas! I used wool, so The Long Road Home will have to find a loving owner.

And some more pics of my squishy little Jackson (who is now 3 months old OMG!) and the fabulously cute Lily.


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