Baby Jackson is here!

Our little guy is here! It turns out that I was in early labour on arrival at the hospital on Monday and little Jackson was born into water in the RBH birth centre on Monday afternoon, just like his big sister Lily :) He weighed 7lb 10oz (3.45kg), 52cm long with a 37cm head circumference (ouch!). A very tough labour, but well worth it in the end!

Baby Jackson 034


  1. He really is perfect Mandy. I'm feeling all clucky just admiring him. He reminds me a lot of Michael he had hair like Jackson. I love the t-shirt! COngratulations again :D

  2. OMG *squeeeee* he is soo adorably perfect, Mandy!!! He is absolutely gorgeous (and making me very very clucky!!!) Huge congratulations :D

  3. Thanks guys! He is an absolutely darling little boy, just makes me melt :)


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