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Happy 'due date' to me.....

Yep - it's that time :P My magical 'due date' - I love the sound of those things, as they go whooshing by *giggle* So, in honour of this momentous occasion, I thought I'd do a blog post, maybe pop a couple of pics up.

Here's my very first quilting project - A teeny bassinette quilt for the little one. I did a fair bit of free motion quilting on this - boy, is that trickier than it looks. I used organic cotton wadding and a natural colour organic cotton heavyweight flannel for the backing and binding. The front is assorted quilters cottons, with a cute little bunny appliqued on by hand.

And here is my new nappy bag! I made it from the Amy Butler nappy bag pattern, with the Amy Butler Nigella twill fabric. It's lovely and big - I pack a lot of stuff when I leave the house, so perfect for me!

And finally, a pic of Lily the baby girl (as she calls herself lol). Just because she's super cute!

Happy birthday Lily!

Happy birthday gorgeous girl! Three today - wow, hasn't that gone quickly! We had a little celebration at home today - off to the island on the weekend, for celebrations with J's family. Here's the birthday girl about to attack her candles, assisted by dad ;)

And in unborn one news - it would appear that I've reached the 'even my maternity shirts aren't cutting it' stage. A bit of baby belly showing there, huh? :P Only weeks to go now - must finish off some of my projects, must rest.....hmmm, wonder which will win out *giggle*