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Tough times

Another prolonged absence from my blog, this time with good reason. I' m currently going through an incredibly difficult time in my life and my blogging has taken a back seat, I'm afraid. I have been surprisingly productive, however, and have much to blog about, but the motivation is lacking at the moment :( I'm hoping to find some inner reserve of blogging motivation soon - stay tuned for pics of some recent wips.

Guest on Gossamer Dreams!

Very exciting - I'm a guest on the Gossamer Dreams store this month, as part of their 'Animalia' theme! My 'Out of Africa' wetbag is previewing today and will go live this evening, along with of some of my applique, on Bek's MM fleece AI2 nappies. There's many other gorgeous items available at Gossamer Dreams this month also, of course - what a talented group of wahms!

She's here!!!

She arrived today, delivered by my mum :) Yes, I am in fact referring to my new baby - the spinning wheel! I had a fair idea what she was when I saw her, but a little googling has convinced me that she's an Ashford traditional, circa 1975. Beautiful condition, but missing a few bits and pieces - can anyone point me in the right direction for spares? I think I need someone to help me put the bits on, once I get them *blush* Although, after having a look at the Ashford catalogue, the parts that are missing are relatively inexpensive *yay* Can't wait to get spinning!!

Oh dear, another prolonged absence

:S Oops! With the beginning of spring, life seems to have become even more hectic than usual. I've had many things to blog about, but have been too busy doing them to blog about them LOL! I think a combination of J working a minimum of 50 hours a week and my rapidly growing crafty 'to do' pile (aka the mess on my sewing table) has combined to make my life absolutely crazy :P I've picked up old, forgotten projects, am finding pleasure in working in my sorely neglected vege and herb garden and have been preparing for a new obsession. Yes. A spinning wheel is coming to live with me....woot! We' ll just pretend that the many projects sitting neglected on my table aren't there, m'kay?

In super exciting family news, I went with my sister T to her ultrasound and she found out that she's having a little girl!! Yay, I get to make pink newbie nappies hehe. More projects....because you can never have too many WIPs...can you?

I have another project about to hit my de…